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Oatmeal Stout

SKU: 141
Bathing in beer certainly doesn’t sound too appealing (or does it?), but the benefits of using beer on the skin was well known to even the ancient Egyptians. The yeast in beer can help your skin fight aging and lock in moisture. We’ve concocted this soap with real stout beer and oatmeal, an incredibly nourishing skin aid. Oatmeal can soften and soothe itchy skin, rashes, and acne, and provide a layer of protection for your gentle skin. So grab a tall, frosty pint and slip into a bath that any German brewer would be proud of.
Saponified soy, coconut, olive oil, stout beer, goat's milk, shea butter, almond oil, primrose oil, all-natural organic honey, oatmeal, silk noil fiber, fragrance oil,
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