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Cream to Gel

Cream to Gel


Our CoQ10 Hydrating Cream to Gel is packed with plant-based antioxidants like astaxanthin, seabuckthorn berry oil, and more, this cream fights environmental pollutants while rolling back visible signs of aging.

CoQ10 Hydrating Cream to Gel is a wonderful light moisturizer for all skin types. Plus, its innovative cream to gel texture gives you the best of both worlds for maximum hydration without weighing skin down.

Product Highlights:

Sal butter hydrates while propanediol increases absorption.

Vegetable glycerin gives all day hydration by drawing water up to the top layer of the skin.

Astaxanthin, coq10, vitamin E, and seabuckthorn berry oil deliver a powerful antioxidant boost to the skin.

Naturally red ingredients like astaxanthin and seabuckthorn berry oil give this moisturizer a natural peachy hue.

Superstar Ingredients:




Organic seabuckthorn berry oil

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